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Our Story

Nativ is a family run restaurant which was founded in 2009 by Prince and Dorothy Ogbuji in Bournemouth, since then we have grown from our first restaurant in Boscombe, to moving exclusively online in 2012 and eventually establishing on the high street again in 2015. Since 2015 we have become a very strong high street brand with multiple awards from Bournemouth Tourism awards, BH Stars awards and other awarding bodies.

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Nativ is also a member of the guild of fine food of England and Wales. We are a very upward growing company with strong ethical belief in customer satisfaction, staff welfare and safety, last but not the least safe environment. We are very committed to our engagement with the local community, we aim to be as professional as possible and yet as homely as we can.

In May 2019 we opened our first franchise in Southampton. Our goal is to provide the best quality and yet affordable food and services, our vision is to grow an independent restaurant into a top brand capable of competing with any global high street brand.

Thank you

Prince I. Ogbuji
Founder/Head Chef. 

Nativ 2019